LTE Network Expands in Japan as Economy Recovers

By March 12, 2013APAC, News

Tokyo, Japan, March 12, 2013– The Growth Strategy, Monetary Policy, and Fiscal Policy implemented by the Japan government have brought Japan economy out of deflation by boosting the CPI growth up to 2%. As Japan economy recovers, the mobile operators in Japan have aggressively expanded their deployment of LTE services. The high data-speed realized by LTE would satisfy those customers demanding for large data usage and fast data transmission.

Groundhog Technologies Inc. has partnered with global mobile operators to deploy its CovMo™ solution along with LTE network deployment. After vigorous tests and fine-tunes, CovMo™ is capable of performing high accuracy KPI geolocation on the LTE network. Through Groundhog’s corporation with Japan operators, CovMo™ has validated itself again with the capability of high-precision indoor coverage detection. Based on its breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, Groundhog has developed the unique patented technology to identify user-perceived KPI at high resolution to accurately pinpoint the real mobile network issues.

CovMo™ performs whole-network KPI geolocation on a 24/7 basis and is able to achieve high-resolution geolocation and simultaneously monitors both indoor and outdoor KPIs without the requirement of the drive test. From Groundhog’s experience with global mobile operators, 80% of the cell phone usage happens indoor and most of the network issues complained by customers are indoor-related. Understanding indoor user experience through CovMo™ is critical to LTE network optimization. By adopting CovMo™, mobile operators can significantly increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

To help operators resolve indoor coverage issues and identify data hotspots, Groundhog has been continuously improving CovMo™ base on the requirements from Japanese operators. As a result, mobile operators in Japan have highly recognized the benefits of identifying LTE network issues and improving network performance brought by CovMo™. As LTE becoming the mainstream mobile technology in Japan, Groundhog will continue to increase its resource deployment in Japan to help operators bring better network quality to Japanese customers.

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