Mobility Intelligence™
For Operators

Groundhog’s Mobility Intelligence Platform Utilizes Existing Telco
Data To Generate Revenue In The Programmatic Advertising Space

For Mobile Network Operators (MNOS) who want to enter and profit from the Mobile
Advertising marketplace, we offer a Demand-side platform (MI-DSP™) that is
integrated with an MNO-Specific Data Management Platform (MI-DMP™).



Through our Demand Side Platform, MNOs can launch their own programmatic mobile advertising services for marketers and advertisers. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can also monetize the value of their own datasets through the Data Management Platform (MI-DMP™); which can transform subscribers’ mobility, network usage events, and online & offline transactions into subscriber insights that support multiple applications.



Utilizing advanced deep learning technologies, our Data Management Platform analyzes and continuously predicts patterns in subscriber behaviors for all locations. The system can focus on one or multiple target groups with impressive comprehension levels that can only be achieved by MNOs. Groundhog partners with leading digital service companies to provide MNOS with the most innovative end-to-end solutions.


  • Enables MNOS to overcome absent IDFAs and redefine the ID methodology in the digital advertising ecosystem
  • Empowers MNOS to go beyond SMS, MMS, and Geo-fencing to meet the requirements of the highly demanding digital advertising market
  • Materializes data monetization initiatives while keeping data privacy compliance at the highest standards. No data leaves MNOS premises
  • Preliminary Personally Identifiable Data (PID) protection mechanism to ensure no data is exposed or transferred to the external environment