Groundhog Partners with China Mobile to Improve Network Performance

By February 20, 2013APAC, News

Guiyang, China, February 20, 2013– The world’s largest mobile operator China Mobile has deployed the mobility-based optimization solution from Groundhog Technologies to optimize its user mobility and network resource in Guizhou, China. Based on the breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, Groundhog Technologies utilizes its patented mobility modeling technology to identify the actual subscriber movement and behavior in mobile network. Through the deployment, China Mobile has significantly reduced network risk as well as increased network performance and ROI.

Groundhog has completed the network optimization engineering for China Mobile as scheduled in February 2013. The major targeted KPI improvements are averaged between 32% and 37%. SDCCH usage is reduced, thereby reducing the risk of congestion. MSC and HLR signaling loading are also reduced. In the meantime, the Call Setup Success Rate and Traffic Volume are increased.

The Inter-MSC and Inter-BSC Handovers are reduced by 37.76% and 32.05% respectively, and as the result, the reductions of CPU Utilization Rate, switch time, handover failures, and dropped calls. The SDCCH congestion rate, SDCCH drop rate, and TCH congestion rate are also improved by 89.91%, 52.59%, and 72.25% respectively. The improvements will allow China Mobile to increase their level of customer satisfaction.

The drastic growths of subscribers, usage, and mobility have severely impacted the operator’s network planning. Groundhog Technologies has resolved China Mobile’s risk concern and network bottleneck caused by the increase of subscribers and traffic loading with patented mobility modeling technology. Through the help from Groundhog Technologies, China Mobile improves network performance by focusing the resource on the challenges brought by new subscribers, new technology, and new service; reducing the unnecessary CPU usage on signaling and therefore the costs of equipment installation and maintenance; and utilizing the resource on revenue-generating services such as voice and data calls, paging, and SMS.

Comparing the actual measured result after optimization versus KPI improvement predicted by Groundhog Technologies before the optimization, the accuracy in the KPI prediction is more than 91%. China Mobile is highly satisfied with the project quality, KPI improvement, and network ROI and has planned to deploy mobility-based optimization solutions in more markets around China. This project in Guizhou, China is the first step to much bigger collaboration between China Mobile and Groundhog Technologies.

About China Mobile

China Mobile Limited (the “Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) was incorporated in Hong Kong on 3 September 1997. The Company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEx” or the “Stock Exchange”) on 22 October 1997 and 23 October 1997, respectively. The Company was admitted as a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong on 27 January 1998.

As the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, the Group boasts the world’s largest mobile network and the world’s largest mobile customer base. In 2011, the Company was once again selected as one of the “FT Global 500” by Financial Times and “The World’s 2000 Biggest Public Companies” by Forbes magazine and was again recognized on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (“DJSI”). The Company currently has a corporate credit rating of Aa3/Outlook Positive from Moody’s Investor Service and AA-/Outlook Stable from Standard & Poor’s, equivalent to China’s sovereign credit rating respectively.

As of 31 December 2011, the Group had a total staff of 175,336 and a customer base of nearly 650 million and enjoyed a market share of approximately 66.5% in Mainland China.

More information about China Mobile is available on the Internet at

About Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is the leading provider of Mobility Intelligence. Our solutions can reveal the locations, Quality of Experience (QoE), context, and lifestyles of all mobile users in the operator’s entire network 24×7. This carrier-grade platform continuously transforms billions of daily network events and petabytes of data into ubiquitous intelligence. This invaluable knowledge empowers our partners to improve services and generate new revenue streams by enabling various applications for Geo-CEM, Geo-Analytics, and Geo-Targeting. Since 2001, Groundhog Technologies has been helping the foremost operators in the world to maximize their network and business potential.