Groundhog Technologies’ CovMo™ provides analysis for customer complaints logged by Smart Phones apps

By December 3, 2012News

Cambridge, MA, December 3, 2012– Groundhog Technologies today releases a standard set of API for operator’s Enterprise Application Integration layer integrated with Smartphone Apps to provide customer complaint analysis. These complaints are reported by Smart Phones users and reported back to the operator. The CovMo™ geo-location system allows extensive analysis for customer complaint reports using geo-located KPIs and coverage/traffic raster analysis and recommends the measurement required to increase customer satisfaction.

Nowadays there are more and more customer complaints when it comes down to network quality towards data applications. This could lead to incremental challenges and affect the operator’s business. Increasing churns in network is one of the common outcomes of customer complaints that are not taken care of, and 80% of the customers’ complaints are about bad indoor reception.

CovMo™ geolocation system has supported customer complaints analysis through case-by-case customization since 2010. It enables the operator to not only troubleshoot the complaints easily against relevant KPIs and indoor network conditions but also take proactive measurements to steer ahead of customer complaints instead of being reactive.

Built on top of the existing customizable capability, Groundhog Technologies today releases a standard set of API to enable easy integration under 24×7 near-real-time approach. This standard set of API allows easy and quick integration with any operator’s Enterprise Application Integration layer, which interface with Smartphone Apps to log customer complaints.

The real voice of customers in the form of complaints logged by mobile handsets requires a sophisticated system that is able to handle comprehensive analytics. The support of CovMo™ for customer complaint analysis can ensure subscribers enjoy not only the best network quality but also the best customer service.

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