Tier one European Mobile Network Operator Continues to Expand and Upgrade CovMo™ Deployment

By October 15, 2012News

Cambridge, MA, October 15, 2012– Groundhog Technologies today announces the release of an upgrade and expansion for its market-leading CovMo™ geo-location solution to a tier one European mobile operator, who selected CovMo™ for its accuracy and flexibility. The solution has been in operation on a daily basis since June 2011.

This CovMo™ upgrade enables the operator to have subscriber-based Self-Optimizing Network (SON) capability. The fully automated and reliable performance of CovMo™ since 2011 makes it comfortable for the operator to utilize CovMo™ for subscriber-based SON, which allows the operator to optimize its network for its subscribers based on all subscribers’ Quality of Experience automatically without drive test or other manual intervention.

This upgrade also enables several CovMo™ capabilities for the operator, such as the capability to differentiate indoor and outdoor user experience. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory and the technology developed from our 22 awarded patents, CovMo™ became the first geolocation system able to differentiate and identify indoor issues accurately and is so far the only system validated by various operators for its indoor accuracy. It was also proven to be the most accurate geolocation system in the market based on bake-off done by several operators.

After validating CovMo™’s strong encryption and flawless security since 2011, the operator also purchased CovMo™’s VIP analysis feature for a better understanding of customers’ actual Quality of Experience. This provides a comprehensive insight into actual subscribers’ experience without the need to install and manage complex applications on handsets. It allows operators to geolocate, examine, and manage the services used by the most important subscribers, while still protecting each individual subscriber’s privacy.

David Chiou, CEO of Groundhog Technologies, said, “It is important to understand subscribers’ experience utilizing measurement reports, as nowadays 80% of customer complaints are about indoor usage and 90% of data utilization happens indoor. We are happy that operators are confident of CovMo™’s capability and decide to use CovMo™ as the enabler of their subscriber-based SON.”

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