CovMo™ supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE) KPIs

By March 25, 2013News


Cambridge, Massachusetts, March 25, 2013 – Groundhog Technologies today announces official support for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) KPIs in CovMo™. CovMo™ is the industry’s first geo-location product which supports multi-technology networks from GSM/IS-95, UMTS/CDMA2000 to LTE. It is also the first LTE geolocation system commercially deployed nation-wide in 24×7 operation globally.

VoLTE system provides a unified format of voice traffic on LTE. LTE was first seen as an IP cellular system just for carrying data, and operators could carry voice by circuit switch fall back to existing 2G/3G systems or by using VoIP. However, the lack of standardization of voice format and SMS may provide problems with scenarios including roaming and setting up many mobile broadband connections. VoLTE is an IMS-based specification solving such issues. As an important trend in the telecom voice market, VoLTE is requiring significant spending both in the wireless and wireline infrastructure.

CovMo™ geo-locates network traffic and events to high resolution. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, CovMo™ applies a new way to pinpoint network issues and various KPIs with high geographical resolution and accuracy utilizing real network data.

Groundhog Technologies has been working with its existing customers to trial and improve CovMo™ for VoLTE KPIs. Built on top of the experience, CovMo™ is ready for commercial deployment as a fully automated and comprehensive system for geolocating VoLTE KPIs, helping operators to maximize the ROI of their VoLTE network investment. The high geographical resolution and accuracy CovMo™ can achieve allows operators to spend their resources wisely. Besides, CovMo™’s subscriber-based intelligence supports operators to comprehend the right network expansion options and adapts the right subscribers plan for their customers. This helps to optimize CAPEX and OPEX investments and improve customer satisfaction.

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