Visit Groundhog Technologies at Telco AI Summit Asia

By July 1, 2019APAC, News

Cambridge, MA- July 1, 2019

From July 3rd to 4th, Groundhog Technologies will be exhibiting at the 2019 Telco AI Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We welcome everybody to visit us at Booth #9 to experience and learn about our recent product developments and features.   As the world leader in subscriber geolocation and behavioral mobility, we are proud to be showing our latest product developments for our CovMo™ and Mobility Intelligence™ platforms.

CovMo™ is the premiere Geolocation solutions used by the majority of tier-1 operators to troubleshoot and optimize their networks nationwide 24×7.  While being fully scalable to monitor every device in the network, Groundhog was also the first in the world to implement sophisticated algorithms to differentiate call behaviors, such as indoor and outdoor activities.   With CovMo’s VIP care features, network issues can be identified and troubleshoot before the complaint is even being made.  This can proactively improve subscriber QoE and drastically reduce churn in the extremely competitive mobile markets.

While search engines and social applications have been leveraging their user data for years, Groundhog’s Mobility Intelligence™ platform also offer the operators the ability to capitalize on their own data while protecting subscribers’ privacy.   The mobile advertising industry is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars and continues to experience high double-digit growth every year.  The Mobility Intelligence™ Platform’s sophisticated machine learning algorithms can accurately identify and label subscribers to help operators generate significant new revenue streams from its own data.   The system also has a unique ability to analyze the subscriber’s online and offline data to build a more complete and accurate persona of each subscriber in the network.

If you are interested in learning more, please come visit us this year at Telco AI Summit Asia Booth #9.  For one-on-one consultations, please contact us at

About Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is the leading provider of Mobility Intelligence. Our solutions can reveal the locations, Quality of Experience (QoE), context, and lifestyles of all mobile users in the operator’s entire network 24×7. This carrier-grade platform continuously transforms billions of daily network events and petabytes of data into ubiquitous intelligence. This invaluable knowledge empowers our partners to improve services and generate new revenue streams by enabling various applications for Geo-CEM, Geo-Analytics, and Geo-Targeting. Since 2001, Groundhog Technologies has been helping the foremost operators in the world to maximize their network and business potential.