Groundhog Technologies to Support Airtel in Leading India’s 5G Innovation

By March 31, 2023APAC, News

As one of the early network performance geolocation solutions, Groundhog Technologies has successfully deployed the extended CovMo 5G Geolocation service for its long-standing partner Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s premier telecommunications services provider, for pan-India scale. The partnership supports the operator’s vision to lead 5G Digital India of Smart Healthcare, Smart Factory, Connected Frontline, Cloud Gaming, and Smart drone solutions.

The collaboration between Airtel and Groundhog is a multi-year agreement, where CovMo Geolocation has been utilized by the operator’s various operational teams for 4G network over the years. In this initiative, with the integrated implementation of CovMo 5G Geolocation supporting both NSA (non-standalone) and SA (standalone) deployment, the operator is able to monitor the quality of experience (QoE) across generations simultaneously on one centralized platform. “When user-perceived quality of experience is revealed, we can be confident that services provided are improving the usability for our customers as we are determined to bring them the best 5G experience in this competitive innovation landscape,” said Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Airtel.

Looking at Airtel’s advancement in India, David Chiou, CEO of Groundhog Technologies, talked about the partnership, “It is a great honor that Airtel selected Groundhog to be the designated partner for both RAN and ORAN geolocation and optimization platform. We are on the doorstep of embarking on a journey that will enhance both companies in technology and service provision for 5G and beyond. We believe CovMo’s holistic view of mobile network quality and subscriber experience across technologies provides our partner key insight for continuous growth and improvement of the network.”

Groundhog provides the operator with CovMo Geolocation Solution to geographically pinpoint real subscriber-based network issues in order to offer a comprehensive network outlook and superior customer experience. “Groundhog’s subscriber intelligence-based solution will ensure wide range of 5G enterprise-grade use cases and enhance productivity. Its RF Band based analytics ensure proper utilization of spectrum which is our key asset for 5G,” Ajay Jain, SVP of Airtel, mentioned, “Their advanced algorithms allow network nodes to take intelligent decisions based on subscriber mobility by offering desired service for network slicing requirements”.

Since the founding of the company our strength has always been research and developing a user friendly solution solving challenges on the RAN side. “Imagine the network as the complexity of the  human body where all inter connectivity has to be perfectly aligned to ensure that the body works perfectly. Our CovMo platforms sits at the brain where all processes on the “limbs” are being monitored and traced. Evolving to future technologies where latency becomes a mandate this process will be need to monitored in real-time and where our system plays a significant role for every MNO” commented Philip Young CTO of Groundhog Technologies.

Leaping into the 5G era, there is an increasing need to deploy a network that responds to customer’s growing anticipation in terms of coverage and speed. Groundhog looks forward to Airtel’s advancement in India, and will continually provide support through CovMo’s comprehensive range of 5G-specific KPIs and inter-RAT analysis to help operators ensure a smooth and agile transition from 4G to 5G.


About Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is the leading provider of Mobility Intelligence. Our solutions can reveal the locations, Quality of Experience (QoE), context, and lifestyles of all mobile users in the operator’s entire network 24×7. This carrier-grade platform continuously transforms billions of daily network events and petabytes of data into ubiquitous intelligence. This invaluable knowledge empowers our partners to improve services and generate new revenue streams by enabling various applications for Geo-CEM, Geo-Analytics, and Geo-Targeting. Since 2001, Groundhog Technologies has been helping the foremost operators in the world to maximize their network and business potential.