Groundhog Technologies releases standardized API for CEM integration

By July 6, 2012News

Cambridge, MA, July 6, 2012– Groundhog Technologies today announces standardized API support for the integration between CovMo™ and Customer Experience Management (CEM) systems. Its CovMo™ is the industry’s first geo-location product that offers a standardized API interface across CEM systems.

CovMo™ geo-locates network traffic and events to high resolution. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, CovMo™ applies a new way to pinpoint network issues and various KPIs with high geographical resolution and accuracy. CovMo™ is also the industry’s first geolocation product that can detect indoor-specific issues based on multi-dimensional modeling. The capability to differentiate indoor issues from outdoors is especially important for CEM integration because the majority of data traffic happens indoor, while conventional approaches such as drive test are more applicable to identify outdoor issues.

CovMo™ has been supporting CEM integration based on an actual operator’s deployment since October 2010. Previous integrations were based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Since then, Groundhog Technologies has deployed its CovMo™ system to various networks with more and more requests to integrate CovMo™ with the operators’ existing CEM system. To speed up future integration and minimize maintenance effort, a standardized REST/JSON API interface with more features are now well defined and available in CovMo™ for CEM integration. CovMo™’s Call Trace module had always supported the REST API to provide detailed L3 message information such as RRC, NBAP and RANAP messages. Additional information such as IMSI API and the Call Trace API, standardizing on the REST/JSON interface, are also provided in this new release.

CovMo™’s subscriber-based intelligence supports operators to analyze user plane data and control plane data, and understand where, when, why, how, and what network services affected which subscribers’ usage experience. This works perfectly with CEM systems to help operators understand, troubleshoot, and solve customer complaints and provide proactive VIP support, and bridges the gap between various departments within an operator.

Groundhog Technologies has been working with its existing customers to deploy the standardized CEM API on live networks over the past 4 months. Built on top of the experience, the CEM API of CovMo™ is ready for commercial release to help operators enjoy the integrated benefit of both CovMo™ and CEM, and help the CEM vendors easily take advantage of CovMo™’s capability. Such readiness makes CovMo™ the first and currently only geolocation system in the industry with standardized API for CEM integration.

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