Groundhog Technologies’ expand its footprint in network inventory management solutions

By December 16, 2016News

Cambridge, MA, December 16, 2016

Groundhog Technologies Inc. today announces a successful delivery of its inventory management module, CovMo™ SiteDB.

Network planning and operations teams need powerful inventory solution that can perform the important task of ensuring network data are appropriately captured and maintained.

The CovMo™ SiteDB module empowers mobile operators with the ability to load and edit network base station parameters for 2G, 3G, and LTE Networks. It effectively maintains the network site database and incorporates solutions into the network’s ecosystem.

Key strengths of CovMo SiteDB module:

  • All base stations related information is maintained at one centralized location
    • User-friendly web-based interface for intuitive data access and maintenance
    • A unified platform for all technologies
  • Smart suggestions for default values of parameters
    • Provide real-time network topology update for CovMo™ Geo-location solution

CovMo™ SiteDB module is a pre-integrated application with unified templates and methods for teams working with network inventory. The Library of predefined network elements empowers users to create complex topologies in a few clicks. Deep integration with the telecom operator’s business processes allows the quick and secure exchange of relevant information between planning and acquisition departments.


About Groundhog Technologies

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