Groundhog Technologies’ CovMo™ SiteDB module to now include Site Acqusition and Management (SAM) features

By November 18, 2017News

Cambridge, MA, November 18, 2017

Groundhog Technologies Inc. proudly announces the introduction of its newly enhanced inventory management module, CovMo™ SiteDB, developed for the operator’s business unit.

The SiteDB module was originally built to empower telecom operators’ engineers with the ability to load and edit network base-station parameters for 2G, 3G, LTE, and IoT Networks. It efficiently maintains the network site database and incorporates it into various systems in the network’s ecosystem.

The newly improved module is an even more powerful inventory solution with extended functionalities to allow for the capture of the most important and critical data in network Site Acquisition and Management (SAM).  The SAM feature now also allows greater flexibility for the operator’s business units to better plan commercially and budget their costs associated with their base-station sites.

The SAM feature is capable to maintain all commercial parameters related to the site; such as building, name, address, rental amount, license agreement details of commercial and government sites. It also generates various reports to quickly calculate overall rental savings, and can easily compile a list of sites for license renewals. Additional reports for individual staff performance for rental savings are also available.  A document upload function allows for all legal, payment, and other related documents to be easily shared, viewed, and tracked.

The SAM feature also now comes with its pre-integrated templates for SAM data inventory. It predefines and describes the various elements, allowing users to add new data and information in just a few clicks. This integration allows securely exchange of information without any delays.

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