Groundhog Technologies concluded yet another successful LTE trial

By February 16, 2012News

Cambridge, MA, February 16, 2012– Groundhog Technologies today announced the success of yet another trial of its CovMo™ product in a live LTE network. CovMo™ is the industry’s first geo-location product which supports multi-technology networks from 2G, 3G, to LTE.

The trial kicked off in July 2011. Groundhog Technologies provided the CovMo™ LTE system and instructed the operator to configure its LTE call trace and OSS environment for geolocation. The trial was conducted in one of Asia’s first LTE networks in Asia, with the operator’s OSS, Network Design, and Network Operation departments involved. Engineers started to use the system right after the installation and integration, which was completed shortly after a scheduled OSS upgrade in September 2011. During the trial, all the CovMo™ features for LTE are verified and used by the engineers on a daily basis. The engineers have been identifying LTE network problems, data hotspots, and troubleshooting daily issues with CovMo™, with great success. This is yet another example proving the readiness of CovMo™ as a fully automated and comprehensive system for LTE geolocation.

CovMo™ geo-locates network traffic and events to high resolution. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, CovMo™ applies a new way to pinpoint network issues and various KPIs with high geographical resolution and accuracy, using big data available from the live network. CovMo™ is also the industry’s first geolocation product that can detect indoor-specific issues based on multi-dimensional modeling. The capability to differentiate indoor issues from outdoors is especially important for LTE network optimization and troubleshooting because the majority of data traffic occurs indoors, while conventional approaches such as drive test are more applicable to identify outdoor issues.

“So far the actual LTE call traces are vendor proprietary and deviate from 3GPP specs,” said Philip Young, Senior Solution Architect of Groundhog Technologies. “Based on analyzing the LTE live network data over the past seven months, we have systematically compared the actual network data versus live network measurement, and incorporated precise and correct KPI formulas in CovMo™ to reflect the actual network status. We are glad that CovMo™ can help our customers on their daily operations and appreciate the first-hand experience we acquired from the collaboration.”

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