Groundhog Technologies concluded another successful Small Cell project for a first tier operator in Europe

By August 5, 2013News

Cambridge, MA, August 5, 2013– Groundhog Technologies today announces another successful project based on its geo-location solution CovMo™. In conjunction with one of its technology partners, CovMo™ was used in an UMTS network to identify hotspot candidates for Small Cell deployment in order to offload high data traffic by smartphone users.

The key goal for the Small Cell project was to identify suitable locations to deploy Small Cells. CovMo™’s advanced geo-location methodology determined the areas with high traffic demand, so that Small Cells can efficiently capture enough traffic to make them financially viable. The information is also cross-checked with coverage map raster and interference matrix, which reveal areas with low spectral efficiency.

CovMo™ exposed most of the identified locations as indoors and at the borders between two cells in the macro layer. The project made a suitable correlation with macro and micro cellular networks which resulted in a perfect HetNet for small cells.

CovMo™ provided us a coordinated view across both indoor and outdoor environments, the operator commented. “ We received benefits in terms of reducing failures due to poor coverage, poor quality, poor SNR, low capacity, and higher experienced end-user data rates by accurately identifying candidates for Small Cell locations.”

Meanwhile, CovMo™’s ACO module provided suggestions for metro cells’ power and protect them from being self-defeating for the small cell selection environment; avoiding the high power of macro cells against a reduction in overall network capacity.

CovMo™ geo-locates network traffic and events to high resolution. Based on breakthrough research in Chaos Theory, CovMo™ applies a new way to pinpoint network issues and various KPIs with high geographical resolution and accuracy, using big data available from the live network. CovMo™ is also the industry’s first geolocation solution that can detect indoor-specific issues based on multi-dimensional modelling. The capability to differentiate indoor issues from outdoors is especially important for LTE network optimization and troubleshooting because the majority of data traffic occurs indoor, while conventional approaches such as drive tests are more applicable to identify outdoor issues.

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