CovMo™ Leap: The Most Advanced, 2G to 5G Geolocation Solution in EMEA

By August 26, 2020News

Taipei, Taiwan- August 26, 2020

In the 5G era, Groundhog Technologies has accomplished another great achievement for CovMo™ Geolocation. The seamless 2G to 5G deployment for one of the largest operator groups in EMEA is another testament to Groundhog’s expertise. The implementation allows the operator to monitor the quality of experience (QoE) and geolocate the subscribers across all Generations simultaneously on one centralized platform. This will help provide a holistic view of the mobile network quality and performance.

While these days many mobile operators around the world are working furiously to roll out their new 5G radio networks, Groundhog Technologies has already commercially launched its first-to-market and vendor-neutral CovMo™ 5G Geolocation Solution with a comprehensive range of 5G-specific KPIs[1]. In determination to deliver a superior customer experience, Groundhog Technologies has provided one of its most supportive partners in EMEA with an integrated 2G to 5G Geolocation solution. The state-of-the-art CovMo™ allows for a complete and rapid Inter-RAT analysis to ensure a smooth and agile transition from 4G to 5G. In the initial network planning, CovMo™ empowers the operator to easily identify 5G hotspots or notspots by contrasting 4G data volume and throughput in the same location. While at the stage of implementation in increased 5G small cell networks, inter-cell interference issues can be resolved by geolocating interference and analyzing dominant cells. In the optimization phase, the operator is able to analyze end-to-end 4G/5G RAN-level interworking to enhance the performance of heterogeneous networks. The solution has successfully assisted the operator with extensive coverage and efficient infrastructure investment in the early stage of 5G commercialization.

The 5G revolution is occurring faster than any previous wireless technology launches. Groundhog Technologies understands operators’ urgent requirements in delivering full 5G performance, as well as balancing the ongoing substantial 5G investments. CovMo™ is suitably designed as an effective solution to aid operators in providing greater coverage and “always-on” reliability with justified investment for the evolving mobile network.

About Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is the leading provider of Mobility Intelligence. Our solutions can reveal the locations, Quality of Experience (QoE), context, and lifestyles of all mobile users in the operator’s entire network 24×7. This carrier-grade platform continuously transforms billions of daily network events and petabytes of data into ubiquitous intelligence. This invaluable knowledge empowers our partners to improve services and generate new revenue streams across various departments: Network & Operations, Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing, Digital Services, and now being extended to the Public Health domain. Since 2001, Groundhog Technologies has been helping the foremost operators in the world to maximize their network and business potential.

  1. The current CovMo™ 5G release supports NSA (non-standalone) deployment and soon will also support SA (standalone) deployment. The KPI groups, including Coverage, Accessibility, Traffic, Mobility, RF Condition, Optimization, and Retainability, are armed with unique scenarios that the initial 5G network needs to be interworked with the legacy LTE network. For more CovMo™ 5G use cases, please visit: Groundhog Technologies Launches the World’s First Commercial 5G of CovMo™ Geolocation Solution