Mobility Intelligence
Demand Side Platform

For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who want to enter and profit from the Mobile Advertising marketplace, Groundhog Technologies offers a Demand Side Platform (DSP) integrated with a MNO-Specific Data Enrichment Platform (DEP).  Using our DSP, MNOs now can launch their own programmatic mobile advertising services for marketers and advertisers.


Precise targeting with 500+ MNO-Specific and IAB compliant labels

Enhanced performance with advanced optimization engine

GDPR-ready data encryption and anonymization mechanism

Access to top-tier global and local inventory

Integration with leading advertising performance measurement partners

Real-time insights to campaign performance


  • Empowers MNOs to go beyond SMS, MMS and Geo-fencing to meet with the requirements of the highly demanding digital advertising market.
  • A plug & play DSP for MNOs to launch their own programmatic mobile advertising services.
  • Ensures advertising is pushed to the right person at the right moment with advanced AI capabilities.
  • Allows MNOs to step away from reliance on OTT players in the rapidly evolving digital world.
  • Eliminates risk of data exposure or transfer to the external environment by using highly secured Personally Identifiable Information (PII) system.