Geo-Analytics with MI-DMP™

For Mobile Network Operators who want to monetize the value from their network datasets, Groundhog Technologies offers a Data Management Platform that can transform subscribers’ mobility, network usage events, and online & offline transactions into reliable subscriber insights for multiple applications.

With its use of advanced machine learning technologies, MI-DMP analyzes and predicts patterns of behaviors at all locations, all timeframes, focusing on one or multiple target groups at a comprehensive level that can only be achieved by Mobile Operators. Groundhog partners with leading companies in this field to give mobile operators End- to-End solutions.


Real time data ingestion designed for Telco datasets.

Analytics of subscribers’ mobility and behaviors in real time for 365 days a year.

High-precision predictive analytics of consumer’s online and offline behaviors.

500+ audience labels and hundreds of customized labels for each subscriber based on deterministic and probabilistic data.

APIs for multiple digital services applications: digital advertising, digital content, mobile wallet, and many more.

Interactive GUI with multi-level Access Management serving multiple applications.


  • A Plug & Play Big Data analytics solution for operators to fast forward their digital transformation.
  • Transforms operators’ data assets into highly demanded consumer insights and advertising audience data on a scale that surpasses most competitors.
  • Enables mobile operators to monetize their unique & exclusive data assets to disrupt the current digital services ecosystem.
  • Materializes data monetization initiatives while keeping data privacy compliance at highest standards. No data leaves Telco premises.